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Welcome to Dharan Model College

Dharan Model College stands as an epitome of academic excellence in the heart of Dharan. At the helm of our institution are Ph.D. holder professors, who with their vast experience and unparalleled dedication, set the standard for quality education. We believe in a research-oriented approach to teaching, ensuring that our pedagogy is student-centric and complemented by multimedia tools to enhance the learning experience.

Our Library

The backbone of any academic institution is its library, and we take pride in ours. It is well-equipped with an extensive collection of textbooks, reference materials, newspapers, journals, and magazines to cater to the diverse reading interests of our students. Further strengthening our commitment to technology and modern learning is our state-of-the-art computer lab, complemented by an e-library with round-the-clock internet access.


We understand that nourishment is key, which is why our cafeteria boasts chefs from some of Dharan’s most renowned restaurants. They provide hygienic and gourmet-quality food at subsidized rates, ensuring our students are well-fed and focused.

Model Creative Group

The "Model Creative Group" at our college ensures that learning goes beyond the classroom, fostering social and cultural activities that allow students to engage, grow, and express.

Programs for B.ED Students

For our B.ED students, we offer CTEVT certified Montessori training, ensuring they are equipped with modern teaching methodologies. We've integrated ICT classes into their curriculum, preparing them for the digital age of teaching. Recognizing the importance of practical exposure, we organize educational and industrial visits, providing a holistic learning experience.

Sports and Extracurriculars

Sports and extracurriculars are essential for a balanced educational journey. We host regular activities culminating in a grand annual sports week, ensuring our students are physically active and team-oriented.


Assessments at Dharan Model College are comprehensive, combining project works, regular class activities, internal exams, and both unit and monthly tests. Moreover, in the run-up to the TU exams, we conduct special, exam-oriented classes, ensuring our students are thoroughly prepared and confident.

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